Grass fed, grass finished, & pasture-raised on our family farm.



The Tarvin Family

The Tarvins have been raising cattle on our open pastures in the Ozark hills since the early 1990’s.  As ethical stewards of the land and animals, our practice has always been to allow nature to take its course with as little interference from ourselves as possible. A year-round creek flows through the farm, helping to create a natural boundary for weaning and rotational grazing.  Keeping a small herd has enabled us to sustainably harvest hay off our own land to feed cattle during the cold winter months.

With research showing grass finished beef providing more environmental stability, better animal welfare, and increased nutritional value, the decision to grass finish our own cattle was a simple one.  

We already followed many of the guidelines set forth by the Animal Welfare Standard and only needed to make minor changes to adhere to the American Grassfed Association and the USDA’s Grassfed standards.  We now grass finish our cattle on our own land instead of sending them to the sale barn, supplement with alfalfa during weaning and winter months, and take beeves to a USDA inspected, family-owned processor.  We never use growth hormones, steroids, or routine antibiotics.

Like you, our family strives to do better. Ethically raising grass fed and grass finished beef on our Missouri pastures is our way of making a difference, for our family and for yours.

Grass fed vs. Grain fed

What's the beef? Is it all just hype or is there really a difference? Come friend, let me show you the way!

Our Farm

From cattle to wildlife to our six kids running year round, our farm sees activity in every season. It's nature at its best.

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Ground beef, steaks, roasts, you can have it all! Delicious, nourishing grass fed and grass finished beef from our farm to your family.

Top 5 Health Benefits of Grass Fed & Grass Finished Beef

Grass fed beef contains as much as three times more Omega-3 (good fats found in oily fish) than grain fed beef. This aids prevention of depression and cancer, whilst lowering blood pressure.

CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) is 300%-400% higher in grass fed cuts. This is a nutrient associated with lowering heart disease and cancer risk, as well as reducing body fat and maintaining lean body mass.

Grass fed beef is rich in Vitamin A and E, which help strengthen the immune system and maintain healthy skin and eyes. Vitamin E is actually four times higher in grass fed meat than grain fed.

There are plenty of antioxidants to take advantage of too. Grass fed meat is jam-packed with carotenoids such as beta-carotene which are sourced from the pigments in the greens that the animals eat.

Grass fed beef is naturally leaner without all that unnecessary grain.  You can see the difference just by comparing to the fatty marbling on grain fed beef.



This recipe will leave your grass fed steak juicy and tender. Pair it with some farm fresh veggies and everyone will be asking for more!


Nothing says American like a classic cheeseburger. And with grass fed beef, you're love for this all-time favorite will only grow!

Beef Roast

Simple and convenient without losing that homemade, homegrown taste. That speaks to my busy mama's heart!

Carne Asada Lime Tacos

Have a fiesta every night of the week with these tangy carne asada lime tacos. Warning: your neighbors may come a knocking. : )

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